WOW Moments In Social XR


XR Festivals

Breathe new life into your social events with exciting interactive worlds’ productions

XR Live Performances

Delight your fans with extraordinary stage designs for live music, theatre and dance shows

XR Exhibitions

Let your magnified artworks meet new audiences in amazing settings like never before

Phygital shows

Bring new dimensions to your real-life shows with VR, AR or online extensions

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VRrOOm aims at bringing the emotion of live events and artistic performances to the world in the most immersive and social manner.

Technology is our ally: from VR to AR, motion capture to holograms, AI-powered avatars, we strive in producing intriguing, fun, and exciting experiential venues that open doors to imagination.

We believe in social XR production that goes beyond the virtual realm to reach the audiences across all media, from headsets to PCs, smartphones to TV or radio stations, we make sure everyone can the enjoy show!

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